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3 Tips on How to Avoid Jet Lag when Traveling to Krabi – Thailand

The Haven Krabi-Aonang

When you fly to Thailand, If you are a Westerner, you will fly across multiple time zones which can throw your internal body clock out of sync and disturb your normal sleep pattern. This is commonly known as a temporary sleep disorder, AKA ‘Jet Lag’.

Today, we will tell you about how to avoid Jet lag when you traveling to Thailand.

The First Tip is – ‘Adjust your sleep schedule before departure’

            Adjust your sleeping and eating schedule to align with your destination (like Thailand) a few days before departure. Getting plenty of good rest during this time will help reduce the effects of jet lag.

Second Tip – ‘Stay Hydrated’

During and after a flight, jet lag can be worsened by the effects of dry cabin air. So, drinking plenty of water to keep your body hydrated helps a lot in avoiding jet lag.

Final Tip – “Expose yourself to natural light”

            Light exposure could influence your internal body clock to be adjusted. So when you arrive at your destination don’t forget to expose yourself to light for later good.

            But if you arrive at night time? Try to sleep on the plane before to adjust your internal body clock in case of arrive in the daytime as we said, resist the urge to sleep and be exposed properly to sunlight!

            Now you are ready to travel to Thailand!

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