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Surviving Thailand Humidity: How to beat the heat

Thailand is one of the top destinations for many travelers around the globe, it offers a wide range of attractions; spicy street food, stunning views of scenery, and... humid hot weather?

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5 things to know before traveling to Aonang, Krabi

When you plan to travel to Krabi, there are many locations in Krabi that are famous and valuable to visit, such as Krabi city and Lanta Island, but one of the most popular tourist destinations people want to visit is Aonang, Krabi.

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Mother's Day in Krabi: How to Plan a Special Retreat for Mom

August is the month for celebrating Mother's Day 2023. This year doesn't have to be much; just consider planning a fun trip with the whole family to Krabi! Guarantee that your mother...

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Rainy season in Krabi: Let’s have fun with a new travel style with many things to find out!

It is well known that if you want to travel the sea, especially Krabi Sea, the most popular time to visit is high season in November–April

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3 ways to visit and travel Krabi by public transportation

Many people love to travel, but sometimes they are concerned about where to go, especially for those who don't have their own car and want to start long-distance travel. But, do you know...

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Travel Railay beach - Krabi, one of the best beach on earth 2023

Krabi is one of the most popular southern destinations when you want to go to the sea. Both Thai and foreigner are impressed with beautiful nature and varieties of tourist destinations in Krabi...

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4 activities for summer in Krabi that you shouldn’t miss

April is the best time for most people to get the ticket and fly to Krabi because is the good way to escape the heat of summer to relax with the sea, sand and sun. There are varieties of touris...

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Healing moment: 5 Advantages of relaxing in the Jacuzzi

What is your favorite type of villa between pool villa and Jacuzzi villa? Some people may like pool villa with swimming pool because it’s more fun and you can do more activities in the pool, but Jacuzzi...

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What can you do in Valentine’s day at The Haven Krabi Pool Villa

Let's start the month of love with The Haven Krabi Pool Villa, February is a month that full of heartwarming and bright atmosphere. How good it would be if you spend your valuable moment...

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Travel Krabi 2023 - Where you should go when you fly to Krabi?

How good it would be if you start the year of rabbit 2023 with a good trip as a gift to yourself. If your dreamed trip is a place with emerald sea water, white sand, nice weather...

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The reasons why you should come to celebrate New Year 2023 at The Haven Krabi Pool Villa

Get ready for Christmas and New Year 2023!!  Are you looking for a place to celebrate this greeting seasons? Why don’t you come to an Andaman Sea...

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Krabi the funny city 3 reasons why everybody must travel to Krabi

When saying about the sea, many people will think about the south sea such as Andaman where is a good atmosphere, clear water that makes people fall in love both Thai and foreigner.

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