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"Krabi" the funny city 3 reasons why everybody must travel to Krabi

When saying about the sea, many people will think about the south sea such as Andaman where is a good atmosphere, clear water that makes people fall in love both Thai and foreigner. These Andaman coast provinces such as Phuket, Ranong, Phang Nga or Trang always famous for tourists, also Krabi too. Today, The Haven Krabi Pool Villa will tell you why everybody must travel to Krabi with 3 reasons as follows:

Various tourist destinations, not only the beach

Krabi is not only famous for beautiful beaches and island such as Aonang beach, Nopparat Thara beach, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, Koh Rok, Koh Kai, Koh Poda, etc. but Krabi also has many various tourist destinations to explore. For example, Emerald Pool - the beautiful Emerald Pool in the natural forest, Tiger Cave Temple - the beautiful temple for you to make a merit, Saline Hot Spring Khlong Thom - spa among nature where you can relax, and others destination that you can explore by yourself.

Various activities for you to enjoy

Because varieties of tourist destinations in Krabi make this city have a lot of fun activities to do. Many people might enjoy island tour, diving. If you interested in rock climbing, Krabi is also well known for this activity. If you love to take photo, admire the view, there are a lot of good viewpoints that you will very impress. Including to activities such as making merit, watching sunset, kayaking, trekking, travelling cave, you can do all of these things in Krabi.

Various delicious restaurants for you to choose

When you come to travel, you must try some delicious food. Krabi has many well known foods that you should try like fresh seafood in the good restaurants, and the most famous food that you can't miss is "wing shell" that anybody said that if you come to Krabi but didn't ate wing shell is just like you haven't arrived here.

The reasons why you should come to celebrate New Year 2023 at The Haven Krabi Pool Villa

Get ready for Christmas and New Year 2023!! Are you looking for a place to celebrate this greeting seasons? Why don’t you come to an Andaman Sea city like Krabi and make your year-end time happy with us at The Haven Krabi Pool Villa, the luxurious and cheapest pool villa in Aonang. These are the reasons why you should come to celebrate New Year 2023 with us!

Private place to hold parties with family & friends

Located in the heart of Aonang but not too many people, so you can spend time at The Haven Krabi Pool Villa in the private atmosphere to do whatever you want with your friends and family, for example, pool party beside our swimming pool, BBQ party on the rooftop terrace or karaoke party in the living room. You can enjoy the year-end party all night with no one to disturb and fully happy all the time when you stay at our pool villa.

Convenience facilities and many spaces to relax

At The Haven Krabi Pool Villa, both pool villa and Jacuzzi villa are providing convenience facilities for you such as shuttle service to pick up you from the airport, drinking water and coffee upon arrival, free WI-fi to connect social media all the time, bicycles to ride, laundry service, BBQ set & equipment, massage service and etc. You can relax every corner in both types of our villa, for example, laying on the bed in our bedroom, watching smart TV in the living room, sitting leisurely in front of the villa or beside the swimming pool, soaking in the outdoor Jacuzzi and seeing Aonang view on our rooftop terrace.

Easy going to many tourist destinations

If you want to travel many places in Krabi, staying at The Haven Krabi Pool Villa will make you full of impressed. Although our villa located in the private place, but it is very easy to access main road and communities. From Krabi International Airport, you can go to the villa in 30 minutes, go to Krabi town in 15 minutes, and go to Aonang beach in 5 minutes which means you can take an island tour from Aonang pier easily. And after travel, if you want to find a good restaurant and enjoy good meals, It would easy to find out too. So, that's why you must stay at our villa.

Start the first day of the year with good atmosphere and nature

How would it be great if you start the first day of 2023 with the best atmosphere and nature around you? Let The Haven Krabi Pool Villa recharge your energy to start the new year with full of happiness. Because our pool villa surrounded by limestone mountain and nature, so you will always relax seeing good view and touch the natural wind from the villa. You also see the sunrise and sunset or see the stars at night on our rooftop terrace. Believe that if you start the first day of the new year with good mood from our villa, this will absolutely make you have good things coming along that year!

Travel Krabi 2023 - Where you should go when you fly to Krabi?

How good it would be if you start the year of rabbit 2023 with a good trip as a gift to yourself. If your dreamed trip is a place with emerald sea water, white sand, nice weather, delicious food and lively town, why don’t you fly to Krabi? This southern town is included with all the things you want. Let’s The Haven Krabi Pool Villa recommend where you should go when you fly to Krabi as follow:   

Railay Beach

The haven for tourists who love rock climbing, Railay Beach is well known as a popular destination in Krabi for many people around the world. Railay beach can be visited by boat only because this place is surrounded by limestone mountain, so villagers in Railay Beach still traditional way of life that has been charmingly adapted to the present. Not only beautiful beach and rock climbing that impressed tourist, but Railay beach also famous for the beautiful sunset viewpoint that look like peaceful paradise where you can visit once in a lifetime. 

Tha Pom Klong Song Nam

Krabi is not only famous for beach and sea, but also famous for another destination where you never knew before, Tha Pom Klong Song Nam is one of them. This place located in Muang, Krabi. It is the short canal about 5 kilometres that flows into the Andaman Sea. The highlight of this canal is a beautiful colour of water which is clear blue and green. In this area have 700 metre bridge for tourist to learn about nature.

Emerald Pool

For tourists who love trekking, Krabi has the destination for you! At the Emerald Pool, there is an emerald colour and blue colour pool in the forest which worth to visit. Located in Klong Tom, Krabi It was a hot spring natural pool that you can play in. Water in the pool can change colour due to date, time and sunlight. In this area also have 2.7 kilometre nature trail surrounded by forest and you can find many rare birds in this area.

Maya Bay

The world class tourist destination of Krabi for people around the world, Maya Bay, located on Phi Phi Le island. Maya Bay is a small crescent moon-shaped bay surrounded by limestone mountain which full of green, natural, clear sea water and coral reef. Most of tourists who traveled to Maya Bay always impressed with this place. So, Maya Bay is one of the most beautiful sea in the world that you should visit when coming to Krabi.

Poda Island

A small island with white soft sand, clear sea water and beautiful coral reef near Aonang, Poda Island, this place is famous for many visitors both Thai and foreigns who travels Krabi to relax, take a walk and swim. You can go to Poda island easily by long-tail boat or speed boat about 25 minutes (8 kilometers) from Aonang beach. The highlight of Poda island that you don’t miss is separated sea, which you can see at the lowest tide of each day.

All five places are tourist destinations where you should go when you fly to Krabi. Every destination is full of beautiful nature and unique that worth to visit. And don’t forget, if you want to stay in Krabi, don’t hesitate to book the most luxurious and cheapest pool villa with us ‘The Haven Krabi Pool Villa’. Contact us now!

What can you do in Valentine’s day at The Haven Krabi Pool Villa

Let's start the month of love with The Haven Krabi Pool Villa, February is a month that full of heartwarming and bright atmosphere. How good it would be if you spend your valuable moment with your couple at Krabi, recharge yourself at the cheapest and luxurious pool villa in Aonang, The Haven Krabi Pool Villa. Our pool villa will make your moments the best. Let's see what can you do in Valentine’s day at The Haven Krabi Pool Villa!

Swimming in the private pool / Soaking in the Outdoor Jacuzzi

What is better than spending time in Valentine's Day with the one you love with the villa together and hold a small party to celebrate you moments beside the swimming pool. Or you can swim together in the pool of The Haven Pool Villa, which is surrounded by privacy and nature. Also, for the Jacuzzi pool villa, there is an outdoor Jacuzzi for you to spend the time to relax with your couple, sipping wine while soaking in the Jacuzzi and taking good photos, upload on social media to announce your best moment at The Haven Krabi Pool Villa.

Watch the sunrise and sunset

Whether you are a person who wakes up early or not, don't worry if you want to see the sun rise with your couple. At The Haven Krabi Pool Villa, a rooftop terrace are provided for you. You can see a spectacular 360 view of mountains and nature, also sunrise in the morning and sunset in the evening. If it’s not enough, at night, you can use the rooftop area to start a barbeque party and enjoy your special meal during Valentine's Day, including to see stars on the clear sky together.

Ride a bicycle together

Because The Haven Krabi Pool Villa located in Aonang, Krabi, surrounded by natural view of trees and mountain. Why don’t you spend time on Valentine's Day to ride a bicycle that our pool villa provided for you with the one you love, feel the smell of nature and good atmosphere while biking together. Whether in the morning or in the evening, cycling together in the midst of the nature is indeed a lovely and comfortable relationship strengthening activity in this love festival.

Relax with entertainment in the villa

If you are a couple who love staying in the convenient place, impressed with many facilities in the accommodation during your trip, you will fall in love with The Haven Krabi Pool Villa. Our pool villa provides many things, especially entertainment for you. You can spend all day in front of the smart TV, watching a movie that you like while eating some snacks, or you can bring your game console to connect with our smart TV and enjoy it together in the Valentine's Day at The Haven Krabi Pool Villa.

Take beautiful photos as a memory

Snap a good memory during Valentine's Day while staying at The Haven Krabi Pool Villa with your couple, guarantee that you will get many nice photos. Our pool villa decorated in the modern style, contains many beautiful areas both inside and outside the villa to make you impressed and take photos such as living room, bedroom, relaxation zone outside the villa, swimming pool, outdoor Jacuzzi, rooftop terrace and many more!

This February, let’s celebrate the festival of love and Valentine's Day with your special one at the special place. The Haven Krabi Pool Villa is ready to welcome you all the time. You will receive good experience while staying here and recharge your energy among nature surround you. Don’t hesitate to Book Now!

Healing moment: 5 Advantages of relaxing in the Jacuzzi

What is your favorite type of villa between pool villa and Jacuzzi villa? Some people may like pool villa with swimming pool because it’s more fun and you can do more activities in the pool, but Jacuzzi is popular with some people too! Besides relaxing in the Jacuzzi and, do you know soaking in the Jacuzzi can make many advantages for you more than you think. Here are 5 Advantages of relaxing in the Jacuzzi that The Haven Krabi Pool Villa wants you to know.

Helping concentrate, and mind relaxation

Nothing is better than soaking in the Jacuzzi after a tough day. You can take your time to relax, clear your mind and concentrate on the cool, refreshing water in the Jacuzzi. Or you can turn on warm water and drop essential oils into Jacuzi bathub. This will helps you for meditation and relaxation. 

Decreasing pains and aches

If you feel pain in your body or muscle, do you know, soaking in the Jacuzzi can relieve these symptoms. When you soak in water at a temperature of 38 - 40 degrees Celsius, the water will reduce the tension in your muscles, decrease pains and aches and make you feel more relaxed.

Helping sleep well

In addition to reducing muscle aches and pains, soaking in the hot water in the Jacuzzi for 15 to 30 minutes will also help you to fall asleep easier. Because the heat water will cause your body to lose sweat and energy. So, you will sleep well everytime after soaking in the Jacuzzi.

Decreasing stress

Nowadays, most people tend to have cumulative stress, both from working and living until it affected in the body. So, taking a moment to relax by soaking in the Jacuzzi will make your body reduce the tension, decreasing stress, claiming your mind and also reducing anxiety.

Helps nourish the heart and bones

When you soak in the Jacuzzi with hot water, this will make your body temperature rise, blood vessels expand, making blood vessels and heart working better. Soaking in the Jacuzzi also helps nourish the bones to be stronger because the water will help support the body, allowing the bones to rest after supporting your body weight all day.

These are 5 Advantages of relaxing in the Jacuzzi that The Haven Krabi Pool Villa would like to share with you. If you want to soak in the Jacuzzi but don’t have Jacuzzi at your home, you can feel this healing moment in the outdoor Jacuzzi surrounded by privacy of nature when you come to Aonang, Krabi and staying in the Jacuzzi villa with us at The Haven Krabi Pool Villa. Don’t hesitate to book the villa with us now!