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4 activities for summer in Krabi that you shouldn’t miss

The Haven Krabi-Aonang

April is the best time for most people to get the ticket and fly to Krabi because is the good way to escape the heat of summer to relax with the sea, sand and sun. There are varieties of tourist destinations to travel such as beach, island, waterfall, forest and temple, also many delicious restaurants and accommodations for you. And this summer, The Haven Krabi Pool Villa would like to recommend 5 activities in Krabi that you shouldn’t miss if you want to escape hot weather.  

Diving at the beautiful islands

Krabi has many beautiful island that you can explore and one of the most popular activities when you going for an island tour is diving. Each island has a diving point full of coral reef and marine life that you will impress.

The example of the famous destination to dive in Krabi are Phi Phi Island’s area such as Maya Bay, Phi Lay Wall, Rantee Bay, Yoong Island, Pai Island, etc. and Aonang’s area such as Tampranang Beach, Chicken Island, Tup Island, Poda Island, etc. With beautiful views of underwater, you will fall in love with this summer activity in Krabi and definitely want to come back again!

Chilling at beautiful cafe

For people who love to chill with the trip in Krabi, one summer activity that you shouldn’t miss is going to a cafe and enjoy the atmosphere and refreshing drinks to beat the hot weather. There is a lot of cafe type for you to go when flying to Krabi such as modern cafe, l

oft cafe, minimal cafe, natural cafe, luxury cafe, etc. If you are a cafe hopper, guarantee that you won’t be disappointed throughout the trip for sure because there are many cafes waiting for you to discover! Especially, in this summer, nothing is better than a good drink to fill the freshness and beautiful photo with cafe to upload to your social media!

Relaxing in the Jacuzzi

If you are a person who tried with working and want to be relax and heal with natural, privacy, and fresh water, why don’t you find an accommodation where provide you a Jacuzzi? Relaxing in the Jacuzzi have many advantages, for example,

helping mind relaxation, decreasing stress, decreasing pains and aches, etc. Moreover, in this summer period, soaking in the Jacuzzi can make you escape the hot weather and enjoy with fresh water both day and night! So, when you come to Krabi don’t hesitate to book an accommodation provided with Jacuzzi and you will fall in love with this summer activity!

Swimming in the private pool

If Jacuzzi is too small, let’s move to swim in the private pool. For those who would like to escape the hot weather of Thailand. Just stay in the pool villa and enjoy a pool party in the private swimming pool with your friend or family!

You can enjoy a variety of activities in the pool such as swimming, water polo, yoga, etc. Or you just bring some cold drinks to sit by the pool and you will touch the refreshing atmosphere. Moreover, you can do this summer activity both day and night as you want which can put off the heat, refreshments throughout your stay in Krabi.

Here are 4 activities for summer in Krabi that you shouldn’t miss. Guaranteed that anyone who visits Krabi in the summer will have a fun travel experience and filled with good memories, especially when staying at our accommodation, The Haven Krabi Pool Villa, Don’t hesitate to book the villa with us now!