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5 Amazing Activities To Do In Krabi! (Beginner Guide)

The Haven Krabi-Aonang

Still wondering about what to do in Krabi? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Krabi has so many things to offer to all kinds of travelers around the world. Here are 5 amazing activities we recommend you try while having a gorgeous trip!

  • Rock Climbing – Krabi is a utopia for rock Climbers and Bouldering enthusiasts, with numerous spots for both professionals and amateurs to try and conquer, achieving your goals here amidst the beautiful scenery of Krabi is truly worth experiencing!
  • Scuba Diving –  Is one of the top activities alongside Rock Climbing, Suitable for both professional divers and first-timers. There a numerous coasts for you to explore, teeming with a variety of sea life and corals. If you are a sea enthusiast, this activity Is the one that you shouldn’t miss.

  • Street Food – Food in Krabi is a mixture of local and international cuisine, making it a foodie paradise for your taste buds. Don’t forget to take a bite of Thai Street Food at least once while visiting here; trust me, you can’t find any spicier food anywhere else that is authentic and tasty except here!"
  • Sailing – Krabi has a ton of Islands to explore and each Island is unique in its own way, from an Island of complete peace and quiet away from tourists to a Monkey beach that has a large population of Monkey or PP Archipelago that has a varied of beautiful beaches in the world! Having a Sailing trip like an explorer is a must-try for first-timers

  • Birding – While Krabi may be famous for its impressive Beaches and marine life, one thing that people often overlook is birdwatching! Since Krabi is a place full of nature and a serene atmosphere, high-quality birds exist here. Though they may lack in quantity, observing these birds is truly worthwhile for birding enthusiasts who love to connect with nature.

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