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Mother's Day in Krabi: How to Plan a Special Retreat for Mom

The Haven Krabi-Aonang

August is the month for celebrating Mother's Day 2023. This year doesn't have to be much; just consider planning a fun trip with the whole family to Krabi! Guarantee that your mother will be delighted for sure! But if anyone is still worried about how to plan a trip to please your mother, The Haven Krabi Pool Villa would like to share a few tricks for planning this trip. Let's see, what will be there?

Prepare the most convenient trip

If anyone wants to plan a trip to celebrate Mother's Day in Krabi, you should plan a trip that is most convenient for your mother, such as traveling by plane. If starting from Bangkok, it will take less than 1.30 hours to travel. And there are also flights to choose from at a variety of times and conveniences. Don't forget to book your plane tickets in advance and prepare travel documents to be ready. Most importantly, don't forget to invite and ask your mother, father, and other family members for their willingness first!

Check out all necessary items

Before traveling to Krabi, don't forget to check out the necessary items that your mother must have while traveling. Whether her identity papers or clothes. And because the most important thing for adults when traveling is health, especially if your mother has a congenital disease or is otherwise unhealthy as normal, don't forget to prepare the necessary medicine. Make sure before traveling again that you have all the necessary items with you in order not to stumble on Mother's Day trip down there.

Explore the route carefully

Upon arriving in Krabi, don't forget to explore the route carefully. And traveling within the city should also be comfortable and private, because it wouldn't be good if you had to make your mother feel it was difficult to travel. So, for this year's Mother's Day trip, anyone who travels to Krabi by plane can find a rental car for a family trip to have the freedom to go to different places without worrying about time and can stop at resting points or gas stations for your mother to also go to the bathroom.

Choose travel destination fits with lifestyle

If you want to celebrate Mother's Day to impress your mother the most, you should choose a tourist attraction that fits your mother's lifestyle as well. In Krabi, there are a variety of tourist attractions, including seas, islands, waterfalls, and natural attractions for mothers who love nature. There are temples for mothers who like to make merit. There are walking streets and delicious restaurants for mother who love shopping and food. And there are also places to see the culture and identity of the Krabi people as well. Choose to travel according to the places of interest, assure that your mother was extremely pleased with this trip.

The accommodation must be full of comfort

One last thing to make Mother's Day Krabi trip 2023 full of impressions is resting itself. At the end of each trip, the accommodation must be full of comfort for everyone to feel fully relaxed. For example, The Haven Krabi Pool Villa, a luxury pool villa decorated in a modern style in the heart of Aonang. Spacious with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen and car park, suitable for family stays. With full facilities and highlights such as a swimming pool and rooftop terrace surrounded by 360-degree mountain views which can recharge energy after traveling and capture good moments throughout your stay.

These are some great tips that The Haven Krabi Pool Villa brings to help make planning a Mother's Day trip to Krabi for mom and family full of fun and perfection. Next time, what interesting story will The Haven Krabi Pool Villa bring to share? Don't forget to follow us on Facebook!