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Rainy season in Krabi: Let’s have fun with a new travel style with many things to find out!

The Haven Krabi-Aonang

It is well known that if you want to travel the sea, especially Krabi Sea, the most popular time to visit is high season in November–April, but do you know? In the low season, like rainy season, you can also enjoy traveling in Krabi. And there are many other advantages, such as cheaper accommodation prices and tourists being less likely to be crowded at tourist attractions. So, The Haven Krabi Pool Villa invites you to step out of your comfort zone and open your eyes to new experiences of traveling in Krabi during the rainy season. Let's go! 

Explore adventure with ATV Riding

If you are the type who loves adventure activities and plan to visit Krabi in this rainy season, you shouldn't miss out on ATV driving! You will drive along the path, raiding the forest,

wading through the water, and watching the beauty of nature and the exotic of Krabi in a way that you may not have seen before.
And if driving an ATV is not enough, you can arrange other adventure activities such as kayaking along the river, going whitewater rafting, rock climbing, horseback riding, or ziplining. That's all you shouldn't miss it! 

Fire show on the beach 

Another amazing thing that you shouldn't miss when visiting Krabi, especially during the cool rainy season, is seeing the hottest performances such as the Fire Show, which is a beautiful show full of the unique talents of the performers.

You can watch fire shows on beaches and islands around Krabi at night. Including the Krabi Walking Street area as well. 

View batik's aesthetic appeal 

When traveling to Krabi, there must be souvenirs for special people. One of the good souvenirs of Krabi is batik, which is a fabric that is painted or dyed into beautiful, colorful patterns.

This rainy season, when you come to Krabi, don't forget to buy batik as a souvenir. And some tourist destinations also have workshops where you can paint fabrics and create your own batik pattern. 

Chilling out at the elephant camp

For those who travel with children and family or want to take foreign friends to travel, this rainy season, you shouldn't miss a visit to the elephant camp in Krabi.

This is where you can get close to the elephants, listen to elephant stories, feed them, bathe and swim with them, and take pictures with them freely. It is definitely an activity that many people like. 

Have a good meal with fresh seafood

If you come and visit Krabi in this rainy season, you will never be hungry because Krabi is full of delicious food, especially fresh seafood that can be fully eaten.

Whether you are going to eat at a restaurant with a chill atmosphere or buy from the market to hold a party in the accommodation, guarantee that it will be nice. And the recommended seafood that you must eat when coming to Krabi is dog conch. Eat dog conch with spicy seafood sauce; you will fall in love with it. 

Enjoy with varieties of street food 

If anyone wants to change the atmosphere of a restaurant to enjoy a variety of delicious food, there are tourist attractions in Krabi where you can enjoy a lot of street food such as seafood,

a la carte, smoothies, roti and tea, deep-fried snacks, etc. No matter when you are hungry, This city also has street food to accompany you at every moment, so this rainy season, you must not miss visiting Krabi!  

As you can see, Krabi in the rainy season has many interesting places to visit. And when traveling until tired, you will recover immediately when staying at The Haven Krabi Pool Villa because this place is close to tourist attractions that you can easily travel back to. Also equipped with facilities for you with beautiful decoration, clean, and make you comfortable like at home. This rainy season, don't hesitate to book your plane ticket and come to Krabi. Stay at The Haven Krabi Pool Villa at a special price for you. Guaranteed that it's only a few days to travel. but gained a lot of good experiences, including services and travel advice from us.You can ask for more information at Facebook: The Haven Krabi Pool Villa