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Songkran Festival in Thailand, Krabi.

The Haven Krabi-Aonang

Every April in Thailand, Songkran marks as Traditional Thai New Year, symbolizing the washing away from past year misfortunes and the purification of the mind and the body.

In the southern region of Thailand, Krabi stands out as one of the best places to partake in and enjoy this Thailand Water Festival. Nestled among the beach and the seas, It provides the perfect backdrop for the water festival and the party events that take place during the festival, welcoming travelers from around the world who come to Thailand to celebrate this special occasion.

But Songkran isn’t just about a water fight and a celebration for the new year, It’s about a time for Family Reunions.

Many Thai people will show respect to their elders and seek their blessings for the new year to come, it’s one of the Songkran rituals that Thai people may do every year with their parents and their relatives.

This symbolizes a truly fresh beginning, as the water unites families in the Songkran Festival.

At The Haven Krabi, Pool Villa, our accommodations provide the best experience for all kinds of guests during Songkran Festival, Whether you’re joining the water fights or unwinding by the poolside.

Book your stay at The  Haven Krabi Pool Villa, and embark on an unforgettable journey in Thailand.